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Historic Zuckville Place

Historic Zuckville Place has been the home and farm of the Zuck family for four generations. It was originally operated by the Zuck brothers as a working farm with six acres of greenhouse glass, growing winter cucumbers and tomatoes.

The farm was self sufficient - with their own water, gas and ability to generate steam heat and electricity from their own power plant (stack house).

The property was later sold to Yoder Brothers who specialized in flowers until the mid sixties. It was repurchased by Clark and Aleta Zuck who operated a turkey farm where they raised and retailed turkeys. Clark retired in the late 1970's and closed the business. Zuckville has had multiples uses since.

A.J. and Dory Grack purchased Zuckville in late 2007 and will continue to develop the remaining buildings in the same fashion as the barn in which A.J. Grack Business Interiors now operates.

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