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Think Green

A.J. Grack Business Interiors is EIGHTY PERCENT “green.” Through adaptive reuse and asset re-allocation, we've utilized existing resources to develop our facility. We have set internal standards focusing on high efficiency equipment and technology.

Daily operation generates a significant amount of byproduct, ie: cardboard. However, environmental commitments made by manufacturers, allow us to process, segregate and recycle NINETY PERCENT of all waste.

Beginning with our alignment to Knoll, we have focused significant attention on diminishing resources and the reality of pollution we are faced with. Knoll has a set of 8 principles that govern their view on the environment, and we take these into consideration. We are happy to be a part of a company like Knoll that is concerned about the environment, and takes strides to reduce their environmental impact. You can read more about Knoll's environmental standards here.

think green
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